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Manufacturing Management
By the implementation of Best Practices in 'Manufacturing Management' and the adoption of a ‘Continuous Improvement’ approach, we assist our clients in becoming World Class.

The first consideration is establishing a ‘Manufacturing Strategy’:

bulletWhat is the plants role in the companies Supply Chain?
bulletWhat is the role of technology?
bulletHow are the questions of Costs, Quality, Innovation or Flexibility addressed?
bulletShould there be a strategy to address subcontracting? Etc.

Then there are the Operational aspects:

bulletWorkplace Organisation – Plant Efficiency (man/machine efficiency) the 5S’s etc.
bulletShop Floor Organisation - Self-supporting teams, the interaction between maintenance and QA or Engineering/Purchasing/Stores etc.
bulletShop Floor Layout – Job shops, cellular manufacturing, line balancing, etc.   
bulletShop Floor Control – Works Order management, kanbans, data collection, etc.


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